Scrat: A Dog’s Superhero

Scrat, the Saber-Toothed Squirrel of "Ice Age"

Scrat, the Saber-Toothed Squirrel of "Ice Age"

I could have named this site “Squirreling for Sesame.”

I come from a family of squirrel-lovers. My partner, Bob, makes his living in trees (as an arborist) and used to sleep there with the squirrels. Their biggest fans, of course, are C-Biscuit and Machu Picchu, who like many dogs are absolutely fixated on squirrels.

So it is with great glee that the whole family follows the adventures of Scrat, the hilarious “saber-toothed squirrel” starring in the Ice Age movies.  

Here’s one of Fox’s trailers for Ice Age 3, opening July 1st:


Modern-day descendent of Scrat

Modern-day descendent of Scrat

The more time you spend in the park staring at squirrels while holding back dogs on their leashes, the more you see squirrels haven’t changed much since Scrat: They still spend their days darting around, flapping their bushy tails and scratching for acorns; you can still see their little hearts beating in their chests (okay, I guess it’s really their lungs) when they pause and sit up, alert and seemingly unsure what to do next.

All they’ve lost is that helpful tool, the mythical saber tooth.

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