More Cow Pajamas!


Sesame dons the communal dog pajamas

Snuggly Whippet: Sesame dons cow-print dog pajamas by Decotogs

If you want to see a grown, outdoorsy man melt, put a dog in cow-print pajamas.

I am the midwesterner and Bob is third-generation Manhattan, but somehow he is the one in love with our dogs’ cow pajamas.

He has little to say on the topic of dog clothes, except, “More cow pajamas!”

He is the Christopher Walken to our dogs’ Will Ferrell (watch the classic SNL skit “More Cowbell!” here).

Bob walking our whippet in cow pajamas, trying to blend into Northern Michigan

Passing for normal in Michigan: Bob walks C-Biscuit in her cow pajamas

When we got a second whippet, we decided we had to go minimalist on the dog clothing. I was deciding on the basics for a dog’s wardrobe: raincoat, fleece, winter coat.

Bob added, “And cow pajamas!”

C-Biscuit wears her pajamas very rarely, such as when we visited my dad in northern Michigan and the thermostat was set just high enough so you couldn’t see your breath. 

Yet, Bob insists they are a dog wardrobe essential. He has practically been pestering me to order cow pajamas for Sesame and Picchu. His idea for halloween? All three whippets in cow pajamas!

I wouldn’t deny him, except – horror – Decotogs, the Missouri company that makes the dog pajamas, doesn’t have the cow print anymore! All we can do is wait, and hope that there will be… more cow pajamas!

Bob admiring Sesame in the cow pajamas

Sesame: "I am a show dog, not a barnyard animal."

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6 responses to “More Cow Pajamas!

  1. My Girl thinks these pajamas RULE. Me, I’d rather get like LION pajamas, or maybe CHEETAH pajamas. And maybe HIPPO pajamas for my beefy, pesky sister.

    • sesameseedfund

      Yes, maybe Mirabel had better stick to her sleek muscle shirt from Dog Gone Chic. Ribsy, you I can see lounging in big cat print, definitely…

  2. Ken

    I’m tempted to find some for Bailey & Deva so I can get some photos of fast moving cows!

  3. KrisV.

    I believe Decotogs can make custom PJ’s. I looked for some cow polar fleece online (out of stock from most places).Here’s a link–59-cow-print.php – Maybe you could buy some and have the PJ’s made. I would love to see three whippets in cow PJ’s on Halloween. What a sight! 🙂 Krista

    • sesameseedfund

      Thanks, Krista! Decotogs reports that they’re getting more cow print. So we just might be on for Halloween: “The Cow Pack takes Manhattan!”

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