Dog Voodoo?


Oh, Picchu

Oh, Picchu

Am I a victim of dog voodoo? At the very least, I am a victim of dog doo. (And I hope that my ex-husband, who doesn’t like dogs because “they are dirty and don’t belong in the house,” does not read this.)

This morning, moments before taking her out, Picchu soiled the entire living room rug. This was way worse than just “an accident.” I’ve never seen such a mess, even on the street, where, fortunately, almost all clean-ups occur.

Doo, or voodoo?

Doo, or voodoo?

These things happen, pets will be pets, so after taking the dogs out and then gating them in the bedroom, I spent a half-hour scrubbing the rug with vinegar. Finally I sat down for a first sip of tea, turned my head, and what did I see, on the WALL? On. The. WALL. Three or more feet off the ground. How is that even possible? Is no surface safe?

Bob and I have cleaned up a lot of messes in the past year and a half, and not once have we had to scrape off anyone’s car, or the side of a building, or for pete’s sake a passing pedestrian. No vertical surfaces at all. For which I am now, I suppose, feeling quite grateful. 

I’m all for pet parenting, whole hog, challenges and all. I’m just not sure what the lesson – or message – is in this case. All I know is, I don’t want to hear again that the dogs are “just dogs.” If I am being tested for “real” parenthood, I consider myself passed. And Picchu, if you’re trying to communicate something, please use alternative methods. 

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4 responses to “Dog Voodoo?

  1. Ken

    Wow, that sure sounds…um…energetic. Something similar happened to some friends and their dog. However instead of a little Picchu, it was their 140 lb great pyranese having violent diarrhea in the cab of their truck. Glad I wasn’t there for it. Hope things have settled down and Picchu is ok.


    • sesameseedfund

      Thanks, Ken. I guess it’s just human nature that it does always make us feel better to know somebody else has had it worse! Picchu is fine now, thanks – the homestead has been restored to normal…in fact, cleaner than normal.

  2. All I can say is wow. That gives “cannon butt” a whole new meaning. My lab has IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and we’ve had some messes, but so far, his cannon butt has only occured outside and not on the wall.

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